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When to Book a Trip

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Booking wheelchair transportation

A question we get asked a lot is when a good time to book is or how much advanced notice we need.  Before I answer, I will explain how the scheduling process works.

From 3pm to 5:30pm on business days our dispatchers receive trip logs, manifests, and requests from various healthcare providers in order to assign our drivers to trips for the next day.  In essence, our schedule for any given day is created the day before by skilled dispatchers who know how to balance time and efficiency.

So, my answer to the question is that the best time to schedule a trip is before our dispatchers create that daily schedule.  In other words, schedule the trip ANY TIME BEFORE 3PM.  This can be weeks ahead of time or 24 hours ahead.

What happens if we schedule you same day?  We will be fitting you in among all of our other trips and punctuality cannot be guaranteed.  We certainly schedule trips same-day all the time, but reliability is subject to traffic conditions, number of drivers on duty, and busyness of our schedule.


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