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Wheelchair transport in Westchester County and NYC

Flights of Stairs

What to do if your wheelchair bound client needs to go down stairs:

1. Call us at 845-565-9612
2. Tell us the weight of the client
3. Tell us how many stairs there are
4. If possible, have 1 or 2 strong people available to help the driver


One major challenge for us is wheelchair-bound clients who have to be brought up and down a flight of stairs.  Can we do it?  Yes.

And I’m not talking about a step or two…

we actually do have clients who have 6 or more steps to be forded.

First, we need to know the weight.  If the client is <120 lbs, 2 people can bring him/her up and down the stairs (don’t forget about wheelchair weight, which adds another 40lbs).  If the total weight is <300lbs, 3 strong people can do it.  If anymore weight, we may not be able to assist in getting him/her down the flight of stairs.  If it is an electric scooter, we won’t be able to do it as they are typically very heavy by themselves.

As for cost: the more people we need to send out to do a job, the more it will cost you.  So our advice is to have strong people available to help the driver assist in bringing the wheelchair-bound client down the flight of stairs.  Our drivers are experienced in this situation and will guide others as to how to proceed with moving the client.  Unless you have experience getting someone down a flight of stairs, don’t attempt to do so until the driver gets there as there is a proper way to do it.

Also, let us know ahead of time how many stairs there are so we can have the driver show up a little early.