What is a WAV?

WAV stands for “wheelchair accessible vehicle”.  It’s a generic term for any vehicle that can transport a person who is in a wheelchair while they are in their wheelchair.  The type of vehicle could be a bus, mini van, or ambulette. 

To get inside the vehicle, the person in the wheelchair will get in via a hydraulic lift or a ramp.  If a ramp is used, the ramp will actuate either manually or via electric motor.

Once inside the vehicle, the wheelchair is attached to the floor using 4 “tie-downs”.  The tie-downs are specialized spring-loaded hooks that will hold the wheelchair at 4 different points tightly so the wheelchair does not move. 

Finally, the person in the wheelchair is secured to the wheelchair with a seatbelt to ensure he/she will remain in the wheelchair at all times during the ride.

In addition to wheelchairs, motorized scooters and smaller transport chairs can be used all the same in a WAV.

The benefit of a WAV is the patient does not have to leave their wheelchair.  This is extremely convenient for the elderly, people with disabilities, and people with injuries.